A concert is one of the few times someone can pretty much wear anything he/she feels like. A crowd full of fans is like one big person; no one will pay attention if you look like a flower child, a goth or a cowboy. It is not that everyone magically becomes tolerant, but simply: Beyoncé is on stage. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that a concert look has to have the same amount of comfort as style.

This collegiate could not have done a better job in illustrating my words. Her T-shirt, for one, has just the right mix of style and comfort. While the front is basic, the cutout back is edgy and, as a bonus, very breezy—that is important to keep in mind if the show is outdoors. Moving on, her pants are basic and comfortable, so if she has to sit on the grass, for instance, it would be fine. Also, her plaid shirt wrapped around her waist serves two roles: while it adds personality to her look it also doubles as an emergency sweater. Her shoes are ideal, since nothing beats Converse when it comes to comfort and style. Lastly, a show is the perfect opportunity to test your skills in makeup. Try heavier eyeliner or dark lips, like this Fashionista did. Hey, why not even dye your hair like hers?

One Simple Change: If the weather forecast shows rain, opt for rain boots instead of sneakers. I am a sole believer that shoes do not have to match an outfit. Also, instead of holding on to a plaid shirt, bring a hoodie to avoid drizzle on your head and consequently frizzy hair. On the other hand, if the climate is hot and sticky with a bright blue sky, wear something even more practical, like jean shorts. Just make sure your sweater or plaid shirt is big enough to sit on—no one likes to feel grass on their skin for hours.