One of the many reasons I love living in New York City is because it is a preferred stop for music tours, which is a major perk of living in a big city. Whenever I want to see Maroon 5 or Taylor Swift, I never need to hesitate because New York City is always a listed stop. I may pause at the $300 ticket for the Madison Square Garden show, but you only live once, right? Once the ticket is purchased (because let’s be honest, there’s always a way), the next stop is the mall. I mean, what’s the point of going if you aren’t going to be the one girl John Mayer picks out in the crowd?

Concerts reveal a lot about you simply because you attend shows based off of your interests. So, dressing for concerts should be about embracing the occasion. Often concerts have a theme that guests follow. People who attend country music festivals are usually wearing cowboy boots, hats or some sort of country swag. This Fashionista’s “swag” is seen in her black and gold New York beanie. This would be a perfect accessory to wear if it was your first time in a New York City venue. It would also be adorable to see Alicia Keyes perform “Empire State of Mind.”

The main pieces in this outfit are about comfortable chic. If there is one thing you need to remember about dressing for concerts, that would be it. The black turtleneck is a classic winter staple. It is paired perfectly with the checkered skinnies. Anything more than a neutral would have taken away from such a busy pattern. This Fashionista finishes off her outfit with a black faux fur coat. Concerts can often be unreliable with the temperature, so having layers is essential.

Another key element that is undervalued at concerts is footwear. Women underestimate what the night will bring and choose a pair of six-inch heels. In New York City, people are more absorbed in each other’s world than in their surroundings. Nobody has patience for the person next to them or their six-inch heels. That being said, do not wear heels to a concert—ever. It is a huge mistake and will only result in several bruises the next morning. The shoes this Fashionista is wearing are ideal. These white Keds are sleek and comfortable. They are bound to keep you on your feet for the whole night and may even give you the strength to jump on the stage and attack Adam Levine at the perfect moment (don’t say I never gave you anything).

One Simple Change: Trade the pant and turtleneck combination for an LBD and you are on the way to an adorable date night look.