Since the age of 14 or 15, concerts have always been one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Since it is technically #TBT, I will admit that I once rocked a horrendous Nickelback parking lot T-shirt during my years in junior high and high school (we all have our moments, right?). Undeniably, I still love a great concert shirt, preferably vintage or cut in a rugged fashion, but I’ve learned that wearing $10 T-shirts bought from vendors in the parking lot is just not the way to stand out in the crowd at a concert.

Cue this fabulous Fashionista who I spotted walking to class on a beautiful day in sunny Philadelphia. So, you want to know how to catch the eye of the musical genius (aka mega-hottie) on stage? This Fashionista could impress the likes of any hip rocker. Take note of her bold brows and lipstick. You might be getting squished by other fans while reaching to touch the lead singer’s hand, but any superstar isn’t going to be able to resist those sharp brows and dark lips!  She sports a vintage-esque velvet cape with a floral/paisley pattern and fringe detail. Keeping the cape as the focal piece of the look, she wears monochromatic black including a black tank top, black jeans and an awesome pair of black cowboy boots. Her assortment of rings and bracelets are boho-chic and add to her rocker vibe. Fashionistas like this one always inspire me to take risks by combining certain pieces which most would assume would not be cohesive. Certainly, a velvet fringe cape and cowboy boots are not as classic of a combination as peanut butter and jelly, but they definitely make for the perfect concert outfit to impress any artist in any genre! (John Mayer, please notice me)

One Simple Change:  Heading to a concert in warmer weather? A graphic lightweight poncho and distressed black shorts can give you the same edgy, Stevie Nicks-inspired look you desire. Rock on, my loves!