One of the great things about going to school at the University of Tennessee is that there are a lot of famous artists who will include Knoxville as a destination on their tour. So, students will work out their schedules and save their money to attend a concert on campus.

Concerts always call for a new outfit. Concert ensembles can go many different ways, since what one would wear to a country music concert would be much different from what one would wear to a rock concert. For those rock concerts, this Fashionista is dressed perfectly. She wears red jeans that pop against the rest of her outfit, but will also let her be comfortable and dance around to every song. Her black jean jacket shows off her edgy side, with the silver studs and distressed look, that will totally fit in at a rock concert. Underneath her jacket, she picks a simple black shirt to blend the outfit together. What really completes this outfit is her boots. The boots she wears are knee-high and mix leather and suede, which make them a bit more interesting than just plain leather black boots. This Fashionista keeps her accessories simple with just a small gold necklace as there is a lot going on with her ensemble already.

For a rock concert, this Fashionista is ready to go. Her jeans break up her outfit, but the rest of the outfit keeps it looking edgy and fun. She is sure to dance the night away in style.

One Simple Change: Want to go to your internship with the same edgy jacket? No problem. Just switch the boots for some simple pumps and the jeans for a pencil skirt and you are ready to head to the office.