Are you always worrying about what to wear to a concert? Concerts can be separated into many different types: rocks, pop, indie or rap. The aim is always the same: make yourself comfortable. It matters that you look cool for the event, but it matters even more if you are going to be standing for several hours, trying to immerse yourself into the music.

This Fashionisto shows us how to dress for an indie concert. The black coat ensures his warmth while waiting in the line to get in. Concerts can be really dirty sometimes, especially when other people spill their drink on you. His black cardigan prevents dirty spots from being seen on his clothes after the concert is over. After you get into the venue, it’s time to live with a sense of euphoria. The olive green shirt with red, yellow and green dots conveys the right attitude for indie music. It looks casual and simple because of the main color, but the unity of other warm colors mixing together makes the choice look more elaborate.

His pair of old shoes is another deliberate choice. Since at the concert, almost no one will notice the shoes, a pair of old and comfortable canvas ones will be perfect. Also, dark navy is a better choice than a light color, especially since your shoes might get stepped on. Finally, this Fashionisto finished off his concert ready ensemble with a scarf, which matches the whole outfit in color and style perspective. The scarf’s “spottish” pattern stands out in this outfit, complements the weather and his spotty button-down.

Not sure what to wear to an indie concert? This is your best choice: casual but elaborate, warm and comfortable. Only can you enjoy a night of music you love wearing the right outfit. I recommend this green shirt, this black and white pattern scarf and a pair of comfortable shoes for an alternative band’s concert.

One Simple Change: Want to try this outfit for a date night? Put on a pair of better shoes that show your personality, and you will definitely win her heart!