When we hear the word concert, what comes to mind is usually something along the lines of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “On the Run” tour. But maybe that’s not the kind of concert you’re dressing up for. If you’re looking for something to wear to a choral concert, this Fashionista can guide you!

I spotted this babe on my way to an event to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It turns out she was part of the singers for the night. Aside from being blown away by her long wavy hair, her bright pink chiffon shirt caught my eye. I’m not used to seeing such colors in the winter (at least not in this region). This particular day was great for spotting Fashionistas/os because the temperature outside was in the 40s. For those of you who don’t know South Bend weather, that’s basically a heat wave for this time of the year. So many people, including this Fashionista, dressed like spring was closing in.

My favorite thing about her look is her pair of booties. Not only do they make her look classy, they also make her look extra confident. If I didn’t have old lady knees, I would rock booties whenever the walkways were free of snow. But for those of you who can, I highly recommend it as a way to jazz up any outfit this season!

One Simple Change: Taking this look from day to night? Switch to black high-waisted shorts instead!