When getting ready for a concert, there are a lot of things you will want to consider. You have to prepare for the weather both in and outside of the venue. While it might be a cold day, when you get inside and start dancing the night away, you are sure to heat up quick. You also want your style to match the venue and the genre of the music, but you don’t want to seem like you are trying too hard to fit in. You want to master the relaxed, cool vibe that the performer is sure to have. Finally, you want to be comfortable. Concerts are for jumping and dancing with friends, so you want to find something that you can wear comfortably for a few hours.

I found this Fashionista on her way to an indie pop concert downtown in superb concert attire. The foundation of her outfit sticks with a dark color palette to create a nighttime feel. She adds accessories like a fur vest and gold jewelry to add the fun to the look. This Fashionista’s maroon jeggings are comfortable and stretchy so she can move and dance throughout the night without feeling restricted. They pair perfectly with her leather cutout tank top that adds to the rocker aspect of the outfit. The fur hooded vest is the perfect addition to show off this Fashionista’s personality. When she walks into the venue, the concertgoers will know she is there to have a good time.

My favorite part of the look is the lace-up heels. I want them! Not only are they stylish and unique, they are very practical for a concert. They give this Fashionista more height so she can see over the crowd. The thick heel on the shoes will allow her to stand up for a couple hours without pain. This is a great shoe if you want to wear heels but don’t want to deal with the blisters the next morning. Concerts are a great opportunity to play with style and wear things you wouldn’t wear on a normal day. Take some inspiration from this Fashionista and people will be watching more than just the stage.

One Simple Change: Is the weather outside super cold and you need to walk to the concert? Just swap out the fur vest for a big, knit sweater and you’ll be ready to brace the cold while looking just as stylish.