If you remember the bold lipped Fashionista from my last article last week, then meet her just as stylish significant other. While the cold weather has just begun, school events are not going to stop just because the temperature is not cooperating. There are so many fun events scattered around campus, but you may have to walk a few minutes to get there. This Fashionisto wore the perfect outfit to attend a concert in this bone chilling weather, while also keeping his look unique and personalized.

The button-down peacoat keeps his outfit looking sharp, but also provides you with the warmth you will need to attend a winter concert. The Fashionisto kept the look simple with straight leg jeans and classy black dress shoes. The intricate blue pattern on the shoes give a pop of color and flare while not clashing with the bright red shirt peeking out from his coat. He also included the perfect accessory to the outfit by adding a quirky bow tie. The bow tie features musical notes that pull this entire look together.

If you, your brother or significant other are not sure about how to stay warm, but also look put together, take a tip from this Fashionisto’s outfit. Small pops of color and unique pieces will keep you looking classy while staying toasty.

One Simple Change: Want to know how you could take this look from a concert to date night? You could change the bow tie to a solid, dark colored tie. Another way to add a little more of a date night touch to the outfit would be to opt for a darker pair of jeans. These are just two subtle switches that will change your whole look!