WHAT TO WEAR: Comfy and Trendy

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfy and Trendy

Classes are back in session, which means long days of wanting to be comfortable while not looking like a slob. It can sometimes be hard to find the balance of casual and comfortable, yet stylish and to keep your outfit looking effortlessly cool throughout long days on campus. I recently spotted a Fashionista who accomplished just that and wanted to share her look to inspire students and Fashionistas around the country who just want to chill during class.

For this look, this Fashionista stuck to a pretty basic color palette and one that I love: mostly black, with some pops of color throughout. Her basic leggings and olive green shirt keep things simple and casual, drawing the eye to focus on the star of this outfit: her awesome bomber jacket, complete with patches. The fun patches on this piece are so unique and tell the world that this girl is fun and funky, without needing to incorporate it in every piece in her wardrobe. Her black suede sneakers add even more effortlessly chic vibes; they’re sporty but fashionable all in one breath. She topped off the look with a vintage black sports hat, some simple, on-trend jewelry, and chic black sunglasses to keep the attention on the upper half of her body.

This Fashionista truly knows how to embrace the looks that are trending in the fashion world right now, while still staying practical and comfortable for the long day of a college student. I love this look because it shows the best of both worlds and is so simple to recreate and rock yourself!

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