WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortably Chic

As the semester progresses, I often find it’s easy to to fall down the slippery slope that results in a tight rotation of sweatpants and sweatshirts. Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge proponent for staying comfortable, especially when running late to my 9:00 a.m. However sporting a “groutfit” doesn’t necessarily give me the same sort of confidence as rocking a leather jacket and skinny jeans to class does.

This Fashionista was able to bring forth the best of both worlds–an outfit that is both comfortable and undeniably chic. The foundation to her look is an oversized jersey dress with the allusion of a sweatshirt being secured around her waist. In my opinion this dress is the Holy Grail item I’ve dreamed about. I mean it doesn’t get better than a fashionable version of my favorite oversized sweatshirt.

Seeing that the dress is more on the casual side, this Fashionista elevates the look to a more polished ensemble with her accessories. Keeping with the minimalist approach, she chose to wear one piece of jewelry; a simple silver bracelet that adds a delicate touch. In addition, pairing the dress with a pair of nude, platform booties offers versatility. These booties are comfortable enough to wear to class but could easily transition to life outside of school, such as dinner out with friends.

And finally: the hat. What better way to pull the entire outfit together than a sporty, denim Calvin Klein baseball cap. Not only will it block those late summer rays from her face, but it also adds a perfect accessory to her comfy, casual look.