WHAT TO WEAR: College Internships

College internships are such an important and useful part of the college experience. I thought the process of researching, applying and interviewing for them were the hard parts. However, working in the fashion industry, figuring out the attire was harder. Wearing business casual outfits and keeping a trendy vibe can be stressful, but thankfully this Fashionista has got it down!

Regardless of the season, you can never go wrong with a simple black and white ensemble. Her oversized blouse is the perfect top for an internship and makes it easy to get ready in the morning. The shape allows you to look and feel versatile which shows your employer you are ready for anything that he or she may throw at you. Her black tailored pants are sophisticated, but are comfy enough to wear while watching TV on your couch. The bow tied waist is a great touch to show off her girly side while staying professional.

Also, the pants are cropped just enough to show off her black booties. Maroon or red colored booties are a great pop of color and are perfect for fall. Pants are a great choice, because they are easy to pull off. Shirts and dresses always have the question of weather or not they are long enough for an office setting. So if you do decide to rock a skirt, check the length with the high school fingertip rule.

Her last minute touches are simple and easy, but make the outfit complete. Two simple rings are the perfect sparkle her hands need. For an office setting, try and stay away from flashy makeup. Nude or dark reds are great with simple eye makeup. Add your amazing personality that got you the job and you are set!