WHAT TO WEAR: College-Chic

WHAT TO WEAR: College-Chic

Winter is done, so let us welcome spring with this Fashionista’s statement look. Chic is usually associated with classy and fabulous, but lately it can be a variety of different pieces. This is something I would associate with classroom or college-chic, meaning looking fabulous and stylish in classroom settings.

The blue hooded, oversize flannel over black leggings is the staple college campus look. This Fashionista made the right choice in meshing style and comfort into effortless beauty. It keeps you warm without being bundled up, which is the way to transition from the brutal winter to spring, especially since the transition does not happen overnight. During the last few days of winter, a blanket of white was covering most of the east coast and some other states. Wearing these light brown boots gave a dash of color against the layers of snow and kept her feet warm. So, as the transition to spring continues, this is a great first step.

Moving on to accessories, the bracelet adds a nice touch, but the real focus for this Fashionista is her use of nail polish. Long, strong nails are what girls live for, especially when shown off with color. This petal color is the opposite of the blue flannel and the brown boots, but works regardless because of the confidence displayed from this Fashionista. Her lip color is in the similar color family, just a different shade.

The subtle touches of this makeup look enhances the natural beauty of her eyes. The use of mascara opened the eyes, as well as the darkening tint of the brows. It is a great look to take to class because you still feel that confidence of your look without taking too much attention to yourself. This Fashionista chose to style her hair in cascading waves, creating a perfect match with the chic college look of looking fabulous. There is also a hint of silver to bring a little bling into the mix. Hoop earrings can be used to fit many different style pieces, but best used to spice up the outfit on the days when not much activity is happening, like going to class or the library.

Be fabulous in class without extreme effort, make a statement, feel confident on the outside by being confident on the inside. Since you know you look good, you might as well take on class with a smile and get those participation points as well as show of your Fashionista style.