WHAT TO WEAR: College Campus Wear

Do you ever walk to class and just watch people and inspect what they are wearing? You see this guy or gal who is wearing a well-thought out and put-together outfit and it inspires you to create a new look that is similar, but you make it your own. Most outfit ideas come from people who inspire us or vice versa. It could be a celebrity that inspires a look or just a random person on your campus or on the street. This makes being a college student exciting. Every day we as college students, can be creative and create outfits or looks to wear to class inspiring people to do the same. Creating an outfit is a way of finding our style and ultimately a way of finding ourselves.

What to wear to class? Well, there are hundreds of different styles and each individual has different likes and dislikes, which means most of us have different styles. The average college student or even person likes to be comfortable in their outfit, therefore wear something that is comfortable but also stands out from the rest. For example, some styles that are in right now are girlfriend/boyfriend jeans with sweaters and booties. Also, leggings with oversize sweaters and Vans, boots, or booties is always the go-to college outfit for us gals. You can also spice up your outfit a bit by adding a scarf or a necklace to your already well put-together look. There are various different ways to create a cute and comfortable look/outfit for class. Just be creative, be confident, and make the outfit your own!

College is all about trying new things, experiencing new opportunities, and most of all finding yourself. The transition can be hard, but being on your own helps you find yourself. Thus meaning, it gives us, as college students, the opportunity to create our own style.

This Fashionista at Albright College is kicking off the new semester in a hunter green gold button jacket with a cream white sweater and black leggings. To complete the outfit she added brown, suede 2-inch heeled booties and a gold necklace with a black wrap-around scarf. Her outfit is inspiring and cute yet comfy to wear to class.