WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As everyone anxiously awaits the arrival of spring, light flurries remind us that winter is still in the air! Before we take out the shorts and flip flops, it’s safe to say the jackets and scarves should be kept within reach. The key to dressing successfully in this unpredictable weather is being prepared for any condition and outsmarting Mother Nature.

The trouble with the changing weather is the difference in temperature between morning and afternoon; I often find myself shivering on my way to class and aggressively taking off layers on my walk home. What is the solution to this annoying problem? There is only way to outsmart the unpredictability—layering.

This Fashionista mastered the art of layering as she endured the weather’s drastic change from a mild afternoon to an evening of flurries. Starting with her undermost layer, she chose a basic white tee and tucked it into simple black pants. She layered a lightweight, long neutral cardigan over the top to pull in colors from her boots. The statement cowgirl boots brought color and personal flare to the outfit. To fend off the cold air, she chose her long black winter jacket with back skirting detail to accentuate her figure. On her way out, she threw on her black and white plaid blanket scarf and jazzed up the look with some of her favorite rings and a layered necklace. She went outside feeling confident and ready for whatever Mother Nature had in store!

One Simple Change: Heading to dinner after a full day of class? Take this Fashionista’s look and dress it up with your favorite pair of black booties. It’s the perfect way to dress up your daytime look, while keeping its simplicity and sophistication.