WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

December 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s face it—once the chilly weather hits, we often find ourselves putting on layers without realizing how these layers relate to our personal style. As days grow colder, we may forget how important it is to look good for ourselves, eventually becoming complacent with just wearing sweaters and sweatpants.

We shouldn’t let our desires for warmth and comfort convince us that dressing up for the cold requires a lot of effort. In fact, looking cool (no pun intended) while bearing the cold is not as big of a hurdle to jump over once you figure out your cold weather essentials. This Fashionista, who looks chic and cool in her nearly all black ensemble, is ready to fight against the cold as she is armored with the most quintessential winter accessories.

The North Face jacket and black pants not only give off a simple, smart impression, but also show that this Fashionista is not one to back down and go back indoors anytime soon. Staying consistent with her monochromatic look, this Fashionista decided to wear a charcoal black wool hat and a pair of thick gloves for extra protection in case of an unexpected frost on her way to class. On top of it all, she makes orange the new black by wearing her eye-catching orange knit scarf. The scarf is so long that she has to wrap it around her neck more than a couple times—she certainly won’t be cold this winter.

After photographing this Fashionista, I realized that dressing for the cold weather is not a challenge at all. Sometimes, all you need are the little things, like accessories, to create a cute and cohesive look.

One Simple Change: Encountering an unexpected, slightly warmer day during the winter? Trying switching to earmuffs and an infinity scarf for more breathability.