WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As fall moves into full swing, Vancouverites must be prepared for the cold weather. Although we are always sad to see summer leave, we have to think about some of the benefits of fall. One of the best parts about the cooler temperature is that it means it is time to bring out the scarves, jackets and boots.

This Fashionista looks both stylish and prepared for a cold day on campus. She has chosen to go with an oversized coat and has layered a cardigan underneath. The shearling lining in her jacket helps to provide some extra insulation and helps to keep her warm.

She is also sporting a rich, camel colored cardigan. The cardigan is an ideal piece for the cold weather because it adds warmth and contributes to an overall layered look. Note how her cardigan complements her boots.

Boots are the perfect pair of shoes for the cold weather. While they are modern and trendy, they also remain casual and comfortable. Not to mention, boots help to keep your ankles warm. I like how this Fashionista has chosen to go with a simple pair of boots. They can easily be dressed up or down to create a variety of different looks.

One Simple Change: One of the best aspects of this Fashionista’s outfit is that it can easily transition into weekend wear. If you have a busy weekend planned, take a look at how she manages to make a very fashionable coat more casual and easy to wear.