WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

October 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall is quickly approaching so that means (for us up north) we have to say goodbye to shorts and tank tops and start layering up!  It’s always difficult finding a good outfit to wear when the weather starts to get dreary.  Personally, when the weather is bad all I want to do is cuddle up in my bed with some tea and watch Netflix. However, people actually have to get an education or go to work, so the best way to solve this is to dress comfortably!  I am not recommending to go around sporting sweatpants and your blanket, but to dress more fashion forward while still being comfortable.

Layering pieces can be the easiest way to stay comfortable while keeping warm.  Finding the right look  can be difficult, but layering is as simple as putting a basic leather jacket over a basic T-shirt.  The possibilities are endless and up to you!  Key fashion items for men in the fall would be sweaters, button-downs, flannels, joggers and tapered jeans.  These can all act casual while still being comfortable. Joggers have elastic around the ankles and waist while having a baggier fit everywhere else allowing comfort, while tapered jeans are a more slim fit but do not come as tight around the ankle as a skinny jean would. Women’s key fashion items in the fall would be similar to men’s. Flannels are a top trend, as well as chunky sweaters and jackets.

This Fashionisto is rocking a button-down layered with a half zip sweater.  This keeps the outfit casual but still comfortable and warm.  He is also wearing joggers with a pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers.  His outfit is perfect for the transition to fall and is appropriate for a variety of occasions whether it is class, work or errands.

One Simple Change:  If you are done with classes for the week but have plans to hit the town with your friends, you can easily change this outfit to make it look a little less casual, but still warm.  You can easily replace the joggers with straight leg khakis, and replace the sweater with a blazer. This would be the perfect weekend look!