WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Seattle was recently hit with a very depressing few days of stormy and cool summer weather. How does one prepare his or herself for the sun, wind, rain and cool temperatures all at once? The unexpected conditions surely left me stumped as to what to wear throughout the day, but this week’s Fashionista managed to pull together the perfect outfit!

Wearing a gray and orange striped Free People sweater along with a gray racer-back tank top, her favorite pair of cropped blue jeans and some beige combat boot style shoes, she is ready to take on the day ahead of her and whatever weather that will be coming her way. By dressing in layers, she is prepared for any temperature on either end of the spectrum. Her relaxed sweater keeps her warm from cool air or wind that may arise, but she is also able to shed the pullover and wear just her tank top in if conditions become a bit hotter.

The deep orange and gray in her sweater give off more of a fall look, but her light colored jeans as well as her beige shoes manage to still keep the outfit looking fit for the summer due to the added brightness in both pieces. The mash up of colors in her clothes as well as the silver and gold in her rings show her style and add character to her outfit and without being too over-the-top.

One Simple Change: Soon enough, these sporadic cold summer days are going to become a lot more consistent leading into the fall season. The perfect back to school outfit for those chilly days coming up can be achieved by swapping for some dark wash jeans and adding a nice and warm jacket on top!