WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

The dramatic dark clouds, heavy rain and icy winds of Melbourne’s winter bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “50 shades of gray.” While city goers are well known for wearing all black everything, why not make like the weather and choose a slight alternative to your favourite neutral? This winter, gray is the new black. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, tones of gray will not only match your scenery (how long ‘till summer, again?!) but also give you plenty of room to play with layers, texture and shape.

Making the most of the versatile shade, this Fashionista shows us how layering various tones of gray can create depth in an outfit. Her light gray coat worn over a darker gray cardigan provides an extra piece of weather protection that can easily be removed when entering a heated room. Underneath, she’s wearing a mottled gray knit tunic over black pants. The best thing about black pants is the way they give the illusion of longer legs – truly a girl’s best friend! The Fashionista accessorized with a light gray tassel necklace; long and delicate, it complements the tones of her ensemble and is a perfect contrast to the oversize coat. Her tan-colored lace-up boots really pop against the gray layers and are practical enough to face the inevitable puddles and slippery surfaces in the cold weather.

One Simple Change: So you’ve finished your finals and feel as though you’ve seen enough rain to last a lifetime. To take this outfit from the freezing cold to a much needed vacation (preferably somewhere with a hot sun, surf and sand, of course) just ditch the heavy coat and warm pants, swap the black bag for a lighter tan or pale pink option, and strap on your favorite pair of sandals. When you switch up the accessories, a knit dress can easily be worn across seasons!