WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It seems pretty ironic that I’m sitting here writing a “Cold Weather” post during my summer internship. Not just ironic, it seems downright wrong. I moved back home for the summer to Maryland from South Carolina and I’m guessing Mother Nature doesn’t want me here. It’s chilly, it’s rainy and everything looks “blah” outside. Where’d my sunshine and 90 degrees go, Mother? Are you out there? Bueller…?

While I’d much rather be in a bikini on the beach, sometimes if you can’t beat them, you have to join ’em. Lucky for me, I can sneak into my mom’s closet now that I’m home (she doesn’t count herself as lucky in this situation). My mom is just as thrifty and price-conscious when it comes to shopping as I am, but that doesn’t stop us from getting our hands on some quality name brand goods at huge discounts.

Today’s (totally rad) cardigan is courtesy of mom’s closet, Free People and Nordstrom Rack. What once was an 150 dollar sweater she scored at the Rack for about 40 percent off retail price and it’s so comfortable! What’s better than essentially wearing a big cozy blanket when it’s gross outside? The answer is nothing; nothing is better than being a walking bed. Pair your own fluffy cardigan with a neutral shirt and some of the best leggings in the world. Throw your hair up with a scarf headband and you’re ready to trick everyone into thinking you put in way more effort than you actually did.

Let’s be real for a second, as much as we might not want to admit it, every Fashionista/o falls prey to the lures of a nice name brand piece. Unfortunately, our eyes are usually bigger than our broke college student wallets. And just as if you were to stuff your face with that last bite of your China Palace midnight snack, you’re really going to regret dropping 400 dollars on a purse or 300 dollars on a pair of rain boots. That’s why places like T.J.Maxx and eBay are your BFFLs.

About 500 percent of my wardrobe is from Marshalls or T.J.Maxx. That’s not an exaggeration (okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit). Apparently even Michael Kors likes T.J.Maxx because he left this 400 dollar bag (‘Gilmore,’ large) there at 60 percent off retail value for me to find. Say what?? Thanks, Michael. How about those Hunter X rag & bone boots? They were found on eBay for 70 dollars.

So, next rainy day throw on a comfy cardigan and leggings and head to a discount store to find yourself some sweet deals. Or feel free to chill in bed, surf eBay and earn some bragging rights for your next favorite steal.

One Simple Change: Did you get in contact with the weather man and learn that things are about to clear up? That’s reason to celebrate. Go grab a bite to eat with some friends and swap out your rain boots for a cute pair of leather booties or maybe a caged stacked heel to set your toes free if you’re feeling super optimistic.