WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Here in Northern Ireland, rain is upon us 200 days out of the whole year! Though there are still those 165 days of sunshine, most days you’d regret not taking a jacket with you when you got out. It’s the same in the states as well, we all get those unbearably un-summery days that we are forced to pull out our peacoats for. The most important part about jackets and winter wear in summer is that they continue to have a summer feeling. Bright colors and bold patterns show that you’re not bundling up for the winter, just for a day.

This Fashionista is doing just that with a beautiful and entrancing indigo blue peacoat as the centerpiece of her ensemble. The rest of her accessories are black, but only provide more emphasis on the statement coat. Her large black tote shows each accessory was intentionally matched from her pants to her shoes. Her shiny black loafers are my favorite part of this outfit, as they add some old time charm and character to the look. Even though they are designed as a classic loafer they are modernised by the shine factor of the shoes.

This outfit is a nicely balanced way of providing emphasis on the statement color of your outfit.

One Simple Change: Add a brightly colored top like hot pink to created some color blocking and keep the outfit summery. Too much black can be harsh and overwhelming for the summer even though it served as a great base for the coat in this look.