WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s no surprise that most college students’ first priority this time of year is staying warm. While Ithaca has a few underground tunnels to help us avoid the frigid wind, it’s impossible to avoid it altogether. Consequently, many would-be Fashionistas/os hide away in bulky winter coats and wait for spring to show off their style. However, I was particularly impressed with this Fashionisto’s fitted jacket and casual cold weather style.

I cannot say enough good things about this Fashionisto’s North Face jacket. I’m a huge fan of The North Face’s cold weather gear because it’s fitted, comfortable and durable. In spite of their great products though, many students take the lazy route and pair these cozy pieces with a pair of sweatpants and UGGs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Fashionisto chose a pair of gray jeans to dress up this look. Most winter coats aren’t overly fashion forward, because they’re designed for warmth. However, it’s easy to play up a basic jacket with a pop of color.

When dressing for cold weather, it’s also important to choose proper footwear. This Fashionisto made both a wise and fashionable choice, because not only do his shoes and pants match, but his sneakers aren’t likely to be too affected by snow or salt. Keep in mind that it’s important to think of where you’re going to be walking before slipping on the comfiest pair of shoes in your closet. Salt can be detrimental to a pair of UGGs, which is deceiving since they’re made for cold weather. Make sure your shoes are waterproofed and consider the conditions of parking lots and roads before heading out.

One Simple Change: Headed to an internship later in the day? Try a peacoat to dress up your look but still keep you warm.