WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Spring is just around the corner, and what does that mean for Fashionistas/os like us? It means hope! What’s pulling us through these last few days of frigid weather are dreams of light, flowy dresses, cute swimsuits and high heels that we can wear without possibly sliding onto our bums while trying to trek to class on the ice-covered sidewalks. Unfortunately, before we fully get there, we have a couple more cold days to bear through. Thankfully, this is no problem for stylish Fashionistas that can make the best of any situation!

This Fashionista is going out of winter in style! Her style is so unique and wonderful. The textures capture everybody’s attention; from her super soft fur coat and velvet pants to her leather gloves and boots.

To keep warm, she layers a lighter plaid jacket under her fur coat, adding an interesting print as well as some more color to the outfit. Her deep purple velvet pants look both cozy and super vintage-chic, bringing in some of the popular ‘70s trends that we have seen on the runway. Also following the vintage trend, she rocks some awesome modernized platform booties that are practical enough for the end-of-winter slippery sidewalks while staying stylish. This whole look has a unique vintage vibe that is great for that awkward transition between winter and spring.

One Simple Change: Want to keep rocking this vintage look once spring finally arrives? Don’t worry, your fashionable pieces will not go to waste! Ditch the fur coat until next winter and swap out the plaid jacket for a vintage-inspired vest, placed over a classic T-shirt. There you go—you’re set for spring!