WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the weather begins to warm up around Ball State, students are starting to bring out their personal style once again. Due to the bone-chilling temperatures of previous weeks, many students, myself included, would leave style behind and dress strictly to bear the cold. Believe me, I tried to look as cool as I could but in the end I fell victim to layering my leggings under sweatpants.

This week’s Fashionisto stepped out into the warmer (not single digit) weather and looked super trendy! He wears a maroon button-down, paired with a navy bomber vest and khaki joggers. It is always refreshing to see a well-dressed guy, and let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of college guys that are conscious of what they look like when they leave for class. As I mentioned before, people tend to throw style to the wind when the temperatures are colder, but even our Fashionisto’s coat is a great addition to his overall ensemble. Simple layering, like with his vest, can do wonders for an outfit. Without his vest this look just wouldn’t be as cool! And we can’t overlook his accessories—a beanie is always a popular accessory during the cooler seasons. A beanie is just one of those go-to accessories. Whether you are protecting your ears from frostbite, adding a little something to your overall look or you’re just having a bad hair day, a beanie can do no wrong.

We can all learn from our Fashionisto by not giving in to Mother Nature’s cold punishment and allowing our fashion flag to fly! Style can be warm; we just need to work with what we have and just make sure that your outfit of the day is cooler than the temperature.

One Simple Change: Leave the jacket at home and find a button-down in a pastel color. This will make a great outfit for the spring!