WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

From December to March, it seems that no matter what you wear, people will only see your bulky winter coat. Getting dressed is more about how many layers we can wear to beat the cold than anything else. So what’s the best way to brave the cold while still looking stylish? Wear a cool coat that makes you stand out from the crowd! I spotted a Fashionisto on campus wearing an everyday winter coat with the perfect dose of style.

This Fashionisto’s tan coat is great for the cold weather! First of all, it is super warm and has room for a few more layers underneath. Warmth is the first thing you should always look for in a winter coat. His coat is also a great color that can match with everything in his wardrobe and looks great with his dark-washed jeans. This jacket stands out because it isn’t your average black puffer jacket. Its streamlined design and relaxed fit aren’t too bulky, which is the case with so many coats on the market. The lining of this coat also caught my eye. Its plaid pattern gets shown off inside the hood, as well as peeking through when the jacket is unzipped. This subtle detail is a great way to show off personal style while still keeping the jacket neutral.

This Fashionisto paired his jacket with a V-neck sweater. Besides the warmth factor, the detail gives the look more texture and looks super cozy. Thick sweaters are a great alternative to a hoodie or sweatshirt because they look more put together. He is also wearing classic boat shoes with warm socks underneath. Wearing similar colored wool socks is a great way to transition these summer staples into winter without compromising the look of the shoe. Overall, this Fashionisto is sporting a basic stylish look, but his unique coat gives him that extra something that stands out from the sea of black puffer jackets on campus.

One Simple Change: Swap the comfy sweater for a more structured button-down for a date night look that is sure to impress!