WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Today, I skated across campus to class. You may be really confused by this statement because it is March. I was just as confused when I walked out of my apartment and almost slipped and fell on the sidewalk in a manner that made me look like a cartoon character.

The weather around this time of the year can be hard to predict (especially in the Midwest). For example, on Sunday we all had to bundle up in our parkas while snow quickly accumulated around us. Today, we were blessed with the gift of freezing rain. What you wear in this type of weather is very important, and this Fashionisto shows us how to dress well in any conditions.

This Fashionisto is wearing the essential L.L.Bean hunting boots which are great for the rain and snow. They keep your feet warm and also give you tread on your feet for slippery conditions. He created a very classic look by pairing these boots with a simple knit wool sweater and cuffed selvedge denim. Underneath the sweater, he wore a red and white checkered button-down shirt. The collar peeks out of the neck of the sweater which creates more interest in the classic-looking outfit. It is nice because when the weather starts to warm up a few more degrees, he can basically wear the same outfit just by shedding the layer of his sweater!

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto can dress this outfit up a notch for an occasion like an interview by switching the jeans for a pair of chinos.