WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

I feel as if many of my articles this semester have revolved around how to dress attractively in this subzero weather we keep getting blasted with. One thing I really try to do is find outfits that Fashionistas/os are wearing that can be easily transitioned into another season. This Fashionista did just that. Her look not only used layers to create a feminine versus masculine look, but once you subtract some layers, there is a look that is great for spring (which I’m hoping is hiding just around the corner).

This Fashionista’s lightweight black jersey cotton dress was paired with black leggings, brown combat boots with a heel and some cozy-looking boot socks. She threw a neutral-toned plaid flannel over the top of the dress and added a simple long necklace. Her olive green winter coat flowed just perfectly with the vibe of this outfit. One thing I loved about her combat boots was that they had just the slightest heel. Try to incorporate small added details like this into your everyday outfit so it looks just that much more rad. These types of things make your outfit stand out much more than your peers. People usually notice these things and do double takes at your outfit, making you look like the wonderful Fashionista/o that you are!

One Simple Change: Want to dress it up a notch? Maybe this can take the outfit from cold weather to an interview—replace the flannel with a chic blazer, and call it a day!