WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It can be tough to keep a look stylish and casual, especially when the temperature drops below zero degrees. But this Fashionisto proved that it can be done.

I spotted him on my way to class; his scarf first caught my attention. It didn’t take long for me to realize that his whole outfit, from his jeans to his Vans, was impressive. It was practical and comfortable, yet trendy and classic.

His scarf added a bit of a pop to an otherwise neutral look. Adding a little color or a fun pattern is something a lot of people don’t consider doing in the winter, but it has the potential to add a lot to an outfit.

His jeans were a classic dark denim, Levi Brand Jeans to be exact. Dark denim, in my opinion, is the best way to go when it comes to men’s jeans. Deep blue jeans are a foolproof choice that look good with every color in the book. Plus, they’re super easy to transition into a nighttime look while still staying stylish.

To finish off the ensemble, he wore a pair of Vans, which are a classic and smart choice. Not only are the shoes practical and comfortable, but they offer a sleek look compared to a regular sneaker. The color of the shoes, a grayish blue, is both unique and neutral, balancing out the darkness of the jeans and the colors in the scarf.

One Simple Change: Penn State students love to tailgate. This outfit would work perfectly during a fall football game. Just swap out the patterned scarf for a blue and white one, throw on a warm PSU beanie and you’re good to go cheer on the team.