WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Besides bringing new British designer collections into the fashion world, London Fashion Week has also been inspirational when it comes to street style, especially when the weather is anything but warm. From fur coats and statement boots to unique hats and sunglasses, the Fashionista/os strutting around Somerset House in London this week prove that fashion does not die when the temperature drops; it actually thrives. Unlike the spring/summer fashion weeks where fashion experts wear few, yet unique pieces, the fall/winter fashion weeks emphasize the importance of layering.

When dressing for the cold weather, layering a combination of simplistic and trendy pieces is key for looking stylish while staying warm. This week’s Fashionista exemplifies perfect layering for cold weather. She starts off with a neutral basis to her outfit: a white long-sleeve shirt and black high-waisted jeans. To add her own personal flair to her simple-colored ensemble, this Fashionista wears her favorite gray and black faux fur coat. This coat really stands out, as it is a mixture of two contrasting tones, and acts as the staple piece of her outfit.

Not only has this Fashionista layered in clothes to keep warm, but she also layered on the accessories for some cool, extra stylish touches. To contrast against the pattern of her coat, she wore a black patterned scarf. While the scarf is a subtle accessory, her accessory that truly stands out is her pair of black creepers. These suede slightly-platform shoes are extremely stylish, but still keep this Fashionista extremely warm. By keeping with the trend of black and gray throughout her entire look, this Fashionista layered her outfit perfectly, avoiding going over-the-top with too many contrasting pieces.

Next time you are staring in your closet wondering what to wear when its below 30 outside, just remember that layering multiple, carefully chosen pieces will not only keep you warm, but help you stay fashionable in the freezing temperatures.

One Simple Change: For when the weather starts to get slightly warmer this spring—but is still way too cold to not wear a jacket—swap out the faux fur for a denim jacket.