WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to wear, what to wear? This is a question that daunts me and many other Fashionistas/os alike. With the fluctuating temperatures, the question gets more complex when deciding what garments to throw on each morning. The cold weather brings quite a few challenges and let’s see how this Fashionista deals with Mother Nature’s curveballs.

This Fashionista has made Langdon Street her runway and shows no fear to the cold weather. She effortlessly pairs together medium wash blue jeans with beige suede booties, a simple carryall bag and the star of the show, a navy wool toggle coat with fur detailing on the hood. To bundle up the look, the Fashionista wore a gray scarf wrapped around her neck and wool plaid and leather driving gloves. The ensemble comes together perfectly as she battles the temperatures and remains true to her style.

The Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for any cold weather day, whether she is running between classes or ready to take on her list of errands on a Saturday afternoon. This look works so well for these occasions because of the execution with the practicality and the subtle hints of edge with the glove pairing and the beige suede booties. Next time if you’re feeling unsure about what to wear in the cold weather, remember it does not have to be unattractive. Keep it sleek and simple and add details where you can!

One Simple Change: Is the weather is taking a turn for the better and spring is approaching soon than you thought? No problem; ditch the cold weather accessories and throw on a pair of ballet flats to make the highly anticipated, but slow, adjustment to warmer days ahead!