WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The weather has been all over the place recently. What is a Fashionista/o supposed to do? Wearing our jacket/coat everyday is great but what if we could switch it up and still get the same amount of warmth. This Fashionista came up with a great alternative. Instead of wearing a jacket she went with a vest, which paired with the right outfit can be just as warm!

I absolutely love this buffalo plaid vest. The print and material gives the vest a sporty look and the down lining inside keeps this Fashionista warm. This vest also has a great fur-trim hood detail. This detail gives the vest a more expensive feel. Who doesn’t love a little fur with their vest!

This Fashionista decided to add extra warmth with cold weather clothing and accessories. She chose to wear a cold weather turtleneck, dark wash denim, and taupe combat boots. To stay super warm while being outside in the snow, she wore a black beanie and black leather gloves.

This Fashionista took a style cue from Taylor Swift and went with the “red lip classic look.” She continued to style up the outfit with a black cross-body bag with gold hardware and black sunglasses. This Fashionista knows that she does not have to sacrifice her style just because of a little cold weather.

One Simple Change: Vests are definitely a great alternative to jackets but sometimes it is way to cold and a jacket is required. In this case, throw your jacket over top of the vest to create extra warmth. Stay warm Fashionistas/os!