WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the winter dredges on here in the District, you may find yourself running out of clothing options. As you long for summer sundresses and sandals, try incorporating some bright colors into your everyday winter wardrobe. This Fashionista’s bright blue jeans are just the thing to lighten up a dreary day.

She pairs her blue pants with a cozy black pullover sweater, which is probably something you already have in your everyday rotation. I personally own three or four identical black pullover sweaters that I wear on a weekly basis. They’re the perfect staple because they go with virtually everything. To top it off, this Fashionista wears a black puffer coat, which is an absolute essential if you live in a city and will be walking around outside in the cold all day.

A pair of black motorcycle boots are another chic staple that rounds out the look. They add a bit of edge to bright pants and a basic black sweater. Motorcycle boots are like the edgier cousin of riding boots because they can go with any outfit and still have enough support for the amount of walking you do in a city. I bought mine at the beginning of the season and have worn them almost every day.

Lastly, this Fashionista wears a sparkly statement necklace, which pairs perfectly with the crew neck sweater. A statement necklace is a good investment because it can make even the simplest of tops or sweaters come to life. It’s also the only piece of jewelry you’ll need.

One Simple Change: Replace the puffer jacket with a leather biker jacket to make this look work for a date night.