WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

One of the most timeless rules of fashion is to avoid clashing…right? Actually, trends are changing and “rules” like this are more and more disputed. Wearing multiple patterns and textures at the same time can add dimension to an outfit and is extremely easy to do in this weather.

This Fashionista coped with the cold by combining a chunky sweater with a shimmering scarf. The scarf brightens up the neutral color of the sweater and contrasts the thick texture with a woven floral pattern.

This look is perfect for cold weather because it is best achieved with knit or woven clothing. If you don’t want to match it with a scarf, patterned leggings or harem pants also work well. For a subtler effect, you can match a big sweater with a silk headband.

Worn in this instance with skinny jeans, simple boots and a classic watch, the opposing textures are subtle but still prevent the outfit from getting boring. This look can also be reversed by pairing a knitted scarf with a blouse.

On extra chilly days, maximize the idea by letting a fuzzy sweater peek out of the sleeves of a puffy winter coat. You can also incorporate hats and gloves into the equation; a chunky pair of mittens and oversized hat look adorable with sleek pants and riding boots.

One Simple Change: Instead of a woven scarf and knit sweater, wear a chunky scarf with a sleek blazer. This reversal still combines textures, but is more professional overall, making it perfect for a class presentation.