WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Whether you’re headed to the library or to class, you better be bundling up this week. When there is a snowstorm every other day, you learn to dress sensibly and fashionably, like this Fashionista. From head to toe, she’s covered in warm fabrics and neutral tones. This makes for a classic winter look.

This Fashionista’s peacoat is chic and charming. It reminds me of a time when the weather wasn’t ice cold every day. Not only is it stylish, it’s also warm and cozy. That’s a hard battle to win, but once you find a coat that can accomplish both goals, you’re golden. What makes this Fashionista even toastier, is her geometric sweater underneath.

Layering is key. Whether you load on the scarves, socks or sweaters, you’re bound to be warmer than anyone else on campus. What makes this even more fun is playing with different prints and patterns. This Fashionista’s black and white geometric sweater is simple, yet makes a statement at the same time. It ties her whole look together. Suddenly, her black pants and boots make sense and help to continue the neutral trend she is sporting. In addition to layering, boots are another good tip to survive the cold weather. Not only are they warm, but they are also practical, it’s a win-win. I love this Fashionista’s black leather boots and how they effortlessly blend into her black jeans, which help to elongate her legs. Boot choices are endless, but you can never go wrong with a black leather pair.

One Simple Change: Despite the cold weather, you still have plans! Are you heading out for a wintery date night soon? Don’t fret. Whether you choose pants or a skirt (which I would pair with tights for extra warmth), throw on a tall pair of boots. A bold sweater adds extra warmth and makes a statement too. Finish off the look with a scarf and you’re ready for a toasty night out on the town.