WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Have you walked outside recently? Because this week in New Haven, it has been snowing nonstop and is continually below freezing. At times we’ve even been told to stay inside because it is just that cold. Staying warm isn’t an issue when we are hanging around in our colleges, but, honestly, I can’t walk for more than two minutes outside without losing feeling in my toes. But how are we supposed to battle the cold? Classes still go on, even in the egregious weather. Sometimes we just have to bundle up and face the storm.

This Fashionista sports the perfect cold weather wear. She wears a black dress with black tights to keep her from feeling the chill. Her silver glittery shoes add a fun element to her outfit. They definitely complement her ensemble as well as enhance its neutrality. She accessorizes with a layered necklace and large bag. Her gray bag is the perfect size, the kind where it doesn’t feel like you are dragging a suitcase around, but big enough to fit the basics and maybe even a computer and/or notebook for for taking notes in class.

But as I’m sure you can tell, what really drew me in was her coat. This Fashionista definitely knows what it takes to stay warm in this weather. The fuzzy, shaggy material not only is super warm and cozy but is also extremely eye-catching. The particular shade of green also matches her necklace and works well with her gray bag. Her look is super fashionable and doesn’t compromise the feeling of warmth.

Follow in her footsteps and you will be able to brave any storm that comes your way.

One Simple Change: Trying to take this outfit into the work force? Add a black blazer underneath for a fierce internship look. Shed your fun, fuzzy jacket when you step into the office you’ll be ready to flaunt your professional look.