WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s still pretty cold in Berkeley—well, kind of. The first advice I got in my freshman year from a senior was “Layers, layers, layers. Berkeley weather is weird.” As a sophomore, I can now testify that it was some of the best advice I’ve been given. Even though it’s February, it can get chilly in the morning fog, burning hot in the afternoon and extremely cold at night. I kid you not; just imagine being transported to three different continents in a day! While it’s easy to dress for hot weather (tank top and shorts, anyone?), it can be a little tricky dressing for cold weather. So, how do you layer like a Fashionista/o?

Check out how this Fashionista brightens the frigid air with colors. The multicolored stripes on her scarf keep her warm, as the brown, blue, magenta and yellow give different tones to her look. One essential layering technique is emphasizing on textures: her scarf creates heavy drapes that make the outfit more visually appealing. Also, her dark red cardigan’s length elongates her figure, balancing out the scarf’s weight. Although she has a lot of colors on—the scarf, the cardigan and the acid-washed jeans—her outfit isn’t too flashy. This is because she cleverly uses a darker or lighter shade for each color, softening the contrast. Combinations of similar colors, like muddy yellow and brown, create harmony and coherence.

This Fashionista’s outfit can surely guide you through February and March. This outfit is perfect for studying in the outdoor patio of your favorite café without freezing to death.

One Simple Change: Heading to your internship after coffee? Simply change the black top into a crisp white collared shirt for a more professional style.