WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

One morning you slipped on some ice rushing to class because you insisted on wearing your favorite stacked heel booties instead of the some practical, but “boring” snow boots. Then, you had to sit through your 50 minute lecture of some general education class, that in no way were you able to remember a single word from because your jeans were soaked and you could start seeing salt stains showing up on your beloved boots. For the next week, you promise yourself to only wear practical shoes so you will never be in this situation again, but just the idea of it depresses you. You know that in a couple days you will be back to your super cute, but unpractical ways.

Who says though that practical cannot be cute? This is the constant winter battle of us Fashionistas/os. Luckily, I spotted this super awesome Fashionista this week on campus pulling off the look that most of us believed to be a myth. Let’s first look at her snow boots. They are not boring in the least! This duck boot is super in right, but I like how she brought a twist to the look with the print on them. Next, she pairs it with a tan peacoat that is a staple in everyone’s closet. If you do not have a peacoat, run to your nearest store right now… or finish reading this post first and then, RUN! To complete this cold weather look, she wears a knit red headband. Turban-inspired headbands have been popular lately, so, of course, the winter version of this is as well. They keep your ears nice and warm while giving you a trendy look.

Let’s face it, we live in Rhode Island and the cold weather is unavoidable (as well as the snow, which has just been relentless this year). In order to survive it, we have no choice but to adapt. I think this Fashionista’s effortless look is the best inspiration to follow. She shows us how you can still have some fun with practicality. So I say turn those winter blues into a stylish blue knit headband. I know that was cheesy, but you get the point.

One Simple Change: For a look with a little more of an edge to it, add a printed scarf to mix with the print on your boots. This look will be perfect for the upcoming weekend!