WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The inevitable cold spell that always strikes northeastern Ohio around this time of year is currently in full force, which leaves us Kent State students with some very chilly walks to class. However, I’m still under the impression that if I wear my lightest leather jacket and slip-on sneakers sans socks to brave the cold, the temperature will magically rise to a nice 60 degrees or so. This, sadly, is not the case. As I’ve shivered about campus, I’ve been taking note of how my peers dress practically for the cold climate while looking as cute as can be.

For instance, the other day I spotted this Fashionista. She paired her black peacoat with a blue and maroon scarf which topped off classic black leggings and brown combat boots. It was a particularly cold day, and after stopping her, I asked her if she was managing to keep warm. She said yes, and that the scarf was definitely helping. During this time of year, it’s all too tempting to roll out of bed, pile on every single layer possible and leave your apartment without even changing out of the fleece sweatpants you wore to bed the night before. And yes, while comfort is always welcome on cold days, that doesn’t mean you can’t take an adorable approach to it just like this Fashionista did.

Why not try it yourself? Black leggings are an easy find, but J.Crew leggings are super sturdy and sure to last you all through the winter. Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to score some colorful scarves this time of year, and you can also pick up a peacoat there while you’re at it. Don’t forget to finish off your cold weather getup by slipping on some lace up boots; this pair from Urban Outfitters is extremely versatile and sure to keep your feet toasty even on the coldest of days.

So for all of you that share the plight of going to school where the winters are frigid, take a cue from this Fashionista. Stay warm, and remember: being bundled up doesn’t have to be boring.

One Simple Change: Midterms are slowly but surely approaching, which means long hours at the library are approaching as well. Swap out the bulky knit scarf for a lightweight woven one, and you’ll be ready to study for hours.