WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Picture this: it’s 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and you’re just rolling out of bed. Whatever happened last night doesn’t matter, yet your cell has been blowing up all morning. It’s cold, it’s dreary and you have an Econ test tomorrow that you really don’t want to study for.

You get a text that your whole pledge class is going to the waffle house for breakfast, but you’re running a low-grade fever and it currently “feels like” -12 degrees. What’s a Fashionista to do? Look no further! This girl’s your best bet for cute comfort and wearable warmth in a hot (erm…cold) second.

A warm yet trendy flannel is a fabulous option for layering under the perfect puffer jacket. Paired with insulated fleece leggings, no part of your body will feel neglected from the blistering cold. Onto the accessories, a giant infinity scarf is critical if you want to keep your chest and neck as warm as possible. Finish it off with a fleece-lined, need I say adorable, beanie to combat everything from the cold against your ears to a bad hair day.

I can’t forget about the boots, one of my favorite parts about the outfit. This Fashionista’s boots complete her outfit and gives her cold weather getup some extra personality. The quilts and studs set her black boots apart from nearly everyone else’s, plus they have great traction in a flash snowstorm that us “Syra-Cuties” have yet to get accustomed to.

Top the whole thing off with a sturdy (and super cute) knapsack, and she’s good to go straight to the library to study after her brunch date. I am absolutely in love with this Fashionista’s taste in backpacks, and truthfully it puts my plain old gray Herschel bag to shame.

One Simple Change: Swap out the cozy leggings for a pair of edgy leather jeggings for a sleeker look, perfect for dinner downtown with the girls.