WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Step outside at anytime of day at this time of year, and you will be hit with a gust of freezing cold wind. There is snow everywhere, and the air is the kind that makes your cheeks turn red and face feel like it could not possibly get any colder (unless you were in Antarctica, of course). But despite all this, the cold cannot stop you from dressing your best on your walk to class. It pays to dress good and feel confident. Luckily, this Fashionista did not let the cold weather stop her from dressing her best and confidently sporting this cozy, yet fashion-forward, look.

One of the biggest challenges when dressing for cold weather is being able to keep warm without looking like a marshmallow. This outfit is perfect for the cold weather because it keeps her warm without losing her figure under heaps of clothes.

She chooses to wear maroon skinny jeans and a gray sweater to start off her outfit, a simple look that keeps her warm, even with all this snow. She then wears black boots, a staple for every Fashionista this year, over her jeans. They are perfect for keeping your feet dry and warm while making your way across a cold snow-covered campus.

To finish off her outfit, she adds an infinity scarf, which I think is one of the best accessories this winter. The ability to pull it over your head to keep your ears warm or over the bottom of you face to keep you nose from getting red makes it the perfect grab-and-go accessory for any occasion in the winter. The final touch to her outfit was the oversized green cargo jacket, which adds warmth and a little bit of boho to her look.

One Simple Change: Add a pair of knee socks that peak out the top of you boots to add flair to your outfit. Switch your winter coat for a chic blazer and you have a perfect outfit to go outfit to change from daytime to nighttime.