WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s February. For those of us in New England, this month is plagued with record snowfalls, blizzards and frigid temperatures. During the day, you are lucky to see the temperature rise past 30 degrees. At night, the temperature often dips into the negatives. Winter is playing its usual song and dance across our campus. Unfortunately, most students do not dress appropriately for this season—despite its predictability. It is commonplace to see people walking about with rough and cracked hands. Some will even walk about in a thin sweatshirt as opposed to a thick, button-down coat. Oh, and did I mention the random person who walks about in a T-shirt just to prove a point? This is ignorance at its best and recklessness at its worst.

So was I relieved when I saw this amazing Fashionista walking towards the Campus Center? You bet! It was her adorable pair of snowflake earrings that caught my eye. They were different from the rest. The designer placed a huge snowflake against a bright white ceramic background. This in conjunction with her beautiful blonde hair made these earrings stand out from afar. She knew how to embrace the season without actually wearing the season.

Turning to her torso, my Fashionista wore a brown waterproof jacket that is perfect for snowy days. This jacket will keep her nice and dry in case she slips and falls into the snow. Accordingly, she accessorized this item with a black knitted scarf that is capable of being wrapped around her neck again and again. This is sure to keep her warm as she braves these chilly temperatures. As for pants, she opted for a sleek pair of black leggings and instead kept all essentials inside her coat pocket. This is perfect for going out on  weekends.

As a whole, this gal proves that when it comes to cold weather you can dress sensibly, fashionably and comfortably. What could be better?

One Simple Change: Add a cute pair of black fleece mittens to this ensemble so that you can go to an outdoor skating rink with your girlfriends.