WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January is the perfect time to enjoy winter’s wonderful activities. Whether you are snuggled up with a good book and some hot cocoa or building a snowman with your favorite roomies, there is no short supply of seasonal fun. Walking down State Street with a piping hot Americano is my favorite thing to do during a pretty snowfall. As you set out on your January fun, use these simple tips to be the best dressed guy on campus.

This Fashionisto looks both cozy and cute in his oversized brown parka. I am in love with the rich warmth of this brown coat and am relieved to see something other than black jackets crowding the sidewalks. The furry hood allows for an added rustic, Ralph Lauren feel. Layered beneath his coat are a patterned sweater and a blue button-down. The bright blue collar of his shirt really adds to his look by giving him an extra pop of color. For all you Fashionistos with blue eyes, this collar trick may help you find a cutie to join you in all your winter weather fun. As a final touch, this Fashionisto added brown work boots. These boots are not only practical for the weather, but they also complement that color warmth created by his parka.

One Simple Change: Ready to take this cold weather look and give it a formal feel? First we will start with the coat. Swap the parka out for a fancier black or navy peacoat. Next, add a solid-colored tie underneath your sweater, giving it just the right amount of class. Finally, exchange your denim for khaki pants. Your look will remain comfortable and practical while adding a fine layer of formality.