WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

So remember that time when New York City got shut down for maybe seven inches of snow? Good times. Since the snowfall last week, Fordham Fashionistas have totally stepped up their winter fashion game. Regardless of the amount of snow that actually accumulated, everyone on campus is dressed for the cold. People are having so much fun with their winter style, and I’m loving it.

I spotted this Fashionista making a statement in this pair of incredible faux fur-lined boots. Fur is all the rage this winter. Waitactually, it’s been all the rage every winter ever. Fur is such a classic way to add some variety to your outfit and comes in basically every form. From hats and earmuffs down to boots, adding warmth to your look using fur is always a good idea.

This Fashionista paired her awesome boots with blue jeans, a patterned sweater and a black winter jacket. The patterned sweater breaks up the monotony of the look, using basic colors to emphasize the geometric pattern.Her jacket is a staple to any Fashionista’s closet as it keeps her warm, while still looking chic. Find a shape that works best for your body and work it. Puffy coats are the best! 

As far as accessories go, this Fashionista killed it. Layering four necklaces of different lengths, she adds a subtle sparkle to her look. The necklaces add a personal touch to her outfit and the mixed metals work perfectly against the sweater. This layered trend is so big right now, and she couldn’t have done it better. When you wear something basic, give this trend a try to add a little something extra to it!

One Simple Change: To go from this casual look to a dressier one, try exchanging the boots for a classic pair of flats. Your outfit will be totally worthy of anything from dinner with your parents to a coffee date.