WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the winter blizzard approached the northeast, students bundled up for a cold week ahead. This Fashionista demonstrated that not even a blizzard could stop her from using this gorgeous gray coat. You may be wondering how you can get this look for those cold days that Mother Nature decides to throw at you? Well, it is all about layering.

The northeast is well known for having unpredictable weather. One moment it’s nice and the next it’s snowing and the temperature has dropped dramatically. Therefore, it is important to find sweaters and a nice coat to pull outfits together. You can put on a nice blouse and on top or a sweater if you are prone to getting cold. Now it is essential you get a coat that keeps you warm and keeps you looking stylish. As this Fashionista mentioned to me, she got this amazing coat for only 30 dollars in Macy’s, so look out for those after season sales because you never know where you will find the perfect coat.

The white scarf used in this outfit is a nice contrast against the gray coat and the brown purse. It is also very much appreciated to see nice black riding boots, when I know how tempting it can be to turn around and use those hunter boots in your closet!

One Simple Change: A cold winter day turns out to be a chilly spring evening? You can exchange your boots for a pair of flats and take off your scarf and gloves. Since you have layers, you can also take off your coat if it gets too warm.