WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

This past week in New England, 30 inches of snow were expected to fall between Monday and Wednesday. Is that some sort of sick joke? What did we, as New Englanders, ever do to deserve such a punishment? Regardless of the copious amounts of snow, life must go on—classes must be attended, readings must be read and exams must be taken. Don’t worry, though! I found a Fashionista sporting the perfect ensemble for the cold days that lie ahead.

First and foremost, in order to survive winter you need a winter coat. A down coat is all the rave at the moment, and for good reason. Down coats are lightweight, warm and go with anything. This Fashionista is modeling a winter white down coat, which would match any outfit she could ever dream of concocting. Aside from the down coat, this Fashionita is accessorizing with a great wool hat and patterned crew socks. The socks perfectly match the sweater peeking out the top of the coat.

What really ties the entire outfit together is the patterned cross-body bag. Every color capitalized in the outfit is somewhere in the elaborate pattern of the bag. The size of the bag is perfect. It is small enough where it can still be worn as a cross-body bag, but it is also big enough that it is able to fit everything you need (iPhone, sunglasses, etc.).

Taking inspiration from this Fashionista would guarantee you a fabulous look and the chance to keep warm this winter season.

One Simple Change: Going out with friends later? Switch out the down coat with a peacoat for a more polished look.