WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The excitement of the new semester is already starting to wear off. Procrastination is already starting to settle in, and we are starting to fall into the same day-to-day routines. The first snow has fallen, and the frigid temperatures are here. We start turning off alarms and sleeping in a little bit more because our beds are just so warm and cozy, and everything outside is covered in snow. Sleeping in means less time to get ready, so we throw on the comfiest, warmest things we own and run off to class. It starts to become a day-to-day routine, but this Fashionista shows that it doesn’t have to be one. She shows you can still look fabulous while still staying warm.

Layers are the key to staying warm and looking fashionable. Layers add so much interest to an outfit. With endless possibilities of mixing and matching to create the perfect combination, you can never go wrong! Layers also provide a lot of extra warmth, which is definitely necessary in West Virginia in the middle of January.

I spotted this Fashionista walking around campus and was taken away by her outfit. Her use of layers captured my eyes and made her outfit so interesting. While staying extremely warm, this Fashionista wore a black shirt with a fabulous white peacoat with black leather sleeves over it. She adds the perfect scarf—a faux fur infinity scarf that is to die for. On the bottom, she sticks to classic light washed destroyed skinny jeans. She finishes off her look with black booties and a Michael Kors cross-body bag. This Fashionista is ready to take on the cold.

One Simple Change: Once spring finally comes and it starts to warm up, lose the jacket. This outfit still looks perfect and cozy!