WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s that time of year again, when the temperature drops and with it the desire to wear decent looking clothes to class. But unlike some who have given up all hope of putting on jeans for the rest of the season, this Fashionista says no to sweats in exchange for a sweater.

To start her outfit, this Fashionista pairs a lace detailed off-white sweater with dark jeans. Although the old rule states “No white after Labor Day,” this Fashionista knows that some rules are up for interpretation. White has now become a wintry color, as it makes the wearer look classy and sophisticated while still being an easy look to pull off. Unlike colors such as chartreuse and tangerine that only look good on certain people, white is for all ages and skin tones.

To add personal touches to her outfit, this Fashionista paired a teardrop shaped bronze necklace with the sweater, along with brown knee-high boots. The little details in her outfit such as the necklace and metal accents in the boots make the outfit unique and true to the Fashionista’s style.

Since it is winter after all, she layered up with this season’s most popular jacket style. This thigh length coat in a deep green pairs fashion with function because it keeps the Fashionista warm while looking fabulous.

One Simple Change: To add a more dressed up element to this outfit, trade the jeans for a slim fitted skirt and add socks that go over the knee to keep warm.