WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Growing up in the south, I never really got to experience a true, brutally cold winter. School would be cancelled due to the cold when there wasn’t even snow or freezing rain, just temperatures below 25 degrees. To say I was in for a rude awakening upon moving to Boston was a massive understatement. My definition of cold wasn’t the only thing that changed. I had to completely reevaluate my entire wardrobe. Constantly dressing for below freezing temperatures is one of my biggest struggles. Putting on layer after layer of clothing is a nuisance and super unflattering.

This Fashionista has mastered the art of combining fashion and function. To perfect this look, the details are what are most important. The fur hood is totally chic and instantly adds some flare. I absolutely love the head to toe black look, but sometimes it can be a little boring. The hood spices up the ensemble and adds some much needed warmth. My favorite part about this outfit was the shoes. (Shocking, I know.) These must-have black booties are just what you need for walking around all day, and the gold accents are the perfect touch. It’s hard to find the perfect pair of everyday black booties, but opting for a lower heel is always safe. Staying warm and chic is a difficult task, but this Fashionista managed to figure it out.

Rock these essentials all through winter, and you’ll look rad and be ridiculously warm.

One Simple Change: To take this look from day to a more formal occasion, switch the puffer jacket to a trendy long coat. The black booties can be switched for some black heels, and you’re good to go!