WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Winter can defeat our sense of fashion in one or two ways: either we bundle up so much that we can resemble an abominable snowman or we turn to our yoga pants and heated blankets with no intentions of stepping outdoors. Regardless, this harsh season has us Fashionistas feeling all types of ways; anything but, well, warm. Here in Rhode Island, or rather in all of New England, simply “bearing the cold” does not suffice. While being born and raised here myself, I’ve faced the troubles that come along with the coexistence of fashion while also avoiding frostbite. Unfortunetly, as the weather currently stands, those fashion-forward are often left wondering if there will ever be a chance to wear that new sleeveless dress from Christmas.

Despite all of the reasons to stay indoors all day with the latest season of House of Cards, this Fashionista inspires us to grin and bare the cold. First, the staple of her look is, of course, her long-buttoned coat. Similar to this coat from Reformation, this piece of outerwear in this particular color strays from the normal grey and black coats. Secondly, this Fashionista’s outfit is given a color pop with her polarized aviators. Who says you need sun for sassy sunglasses, anyways?

In terms of accessories, nothing says Carrie Bradshaw circa 1998 than fur in January. Although I personally would love to sport a faux fur coat on my campus without getting strange glares, I believe that this Fashionista’s take on the fur suffices; she is instead wearing a fur scarf. While the winter months continue to become almost unbearable, this Fashionista shows us that little (and, of course, warm) essentials can fight off the cold.

One Simple Change: Going on a casual winter date night? Maybe you’re going ice skating with your newest Tinder match? Transition this cold weather look to your casual night out with a hat and gloves set as well as some red lipstick.