WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

We are in the midst of a bitter winter, and things don’t seem to be letting up. So the only advice I can give to any summer revelers/winter hibernators is to simply adapt and come to terms with the fact that there are still at least two more potently cold months ahead of us. These gelid conditions should not deter them from enjoying life and dressing the way they please. Currently at Ryerson, there are teary-eyed students rushing through the streets hoping to minimize their time outside between classes. Among the flock of red-faced snifflers, there is one individual who does not seem to be too fazed by the frigid temperatures. Standing to the side with his phone out and exposed hands calmly tapping on the lit screen, he is wearing an olive green trench coat—a far cry from the long puffer jackets seen scurrying across campus.

This Fashionisto provides us with a promising reminder that winter does not ultimately mean confining to unflattering parkas and bulky Sorel boots. Layering correctly can effectively fight off cold temperatures. Going for a preppy look, he went with a thick salt and pepper crewneck jumper with a red tartan flannel collar peeking from the neck. He complemented his top with a pair of dark wash blue jeans with cuffed legs, which exhibit a more casual and relaxed feel.

He took his look further in the right direction and opted for a pair of brown leather chukka boots. Surely, this gentleman did not let the low temperatures get the best of him.

One Simple Change: Following your day out, you have dinner plans with your significant other in the evening. The local weather forecast shows that the temperature will remain the same and perhaps even dip lower. You are in need of an outfit that can both keep you warm and help you look your best. There is a simple solution; this Fashionisto’s look could easily transition into a noteworthy semi-casual date night look with a few quick and easy modifications. With no slush, ice or fresh snow on the ground, conditions allow for some leeway in the shoe department. So be daring with your footwear and swap the boots in for a sleek pair of brown wingtip oxfords. To re-purpose the look completely, replace the blue jeans with a more versatile chino.